IS THIS WHAT BEING TUMBLR FAMOUS IS LIKE?! good gravy, take it away!

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Anonymous asked: Faking It is actually a really cool show, I say as a lesbian myself. If you actually watch the show I think it really shows just kind of the potential of change in our country for acceptance AND one of the girls actually realizes she is gay and I honestly believe that you should give the show a shot and keep an open mind

will do <3

Anonymous asked: I thought faking it would be offensive, but after watching it, personally, I don't think it is. I think it could totally have a positive influence in society if it blows up. A bunch of teenagers accepting two lesbians in a high school in the Deep South? Yeah, it could definitely make a positive impact and teach people to be more accepting. Media/pop culture has away of changing the minds of the masses.

i definitely stand corrected, no joke. i will give the show a chance.

frickoffmate asked: Hey, I totally agreed with your opinion on Faking It but I just found some new information! One of the girls is most likely actually gay! In the beginning I think she's struggling with her sexuality and completely realizes it later on. In an interview the actors said that Amy is actually in love with Karma and the actors ship "Karmy". The trailer was terrible but I think the actual show may be good. Though it needs to be handled delicately because of the real reason queer people "fake it".

thank you for your message. i didn’t go deeper into the show because it rubbed me in such an off putting way and i assumed it was mtv’s way of cashing in on something, but seriously, thank you for sending me this (and off anonymous at that!)

the trailer truly is terrible, but i will give the show a chance. i even made a new post saying i would, but i don’t think the internet cared enough to see it.


Anonymous asked: hihi you've probably gotten this but about your Faking It post? one of the girls "faking it" is actually a lesbian and the show is more about her coming to terms with her sexuality and being confused and scared about it. the commercials are way worse than the show. i don't know why they didn't put any of that stuff in, but it's really not as offensive as it seems xx

i honestly based my opinion after watching the trailer, which is what my rant was based on. i stand by the rant, but i also stand corrected in that i didn’t do proper research before mouthing off.

thank you for your message.

Anonymous asked: faking it is actually about a girl who's pretending to be a lesbian to gain attention while one girl is an actual lesbian who's in denial.

i stand corrected.

turn down for what?

turn down for what?